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Cackymn's Journal and Fics

15 October
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NCIS. All things Gibbs and Tony. MH and MW. Fanfic. Music. Tank Girl. Living with the best guitar player in Texas.

Lived in Texas panhandle most of my life with short stints in Oregon, Minnesota, SoCal, Oklahoma City. Born in Columbus, OH.
Worked a crapload of retail jobs.
Dropped out of college four times.
Have a 12-pound tiger Manx.
Have awesome hubs, professional singer and guitar player. Lots of live music in my life.
In person, I am a bit of a smart ass. I think I'm fun, but people are free to disagree.
I only discovered fanfic in May of 2012. Guess my life is over now...
ABSOLUTE TIBBS FANATIC. It is my primary joy! I may never post but I will read Tibbs until I drop dead! :-)