Tibbs Halloween 2015: Ghostwriters in the Sky or What the Hell Happened?
Title: Ghostwriters in the Sky or What the Hell Happened
Author: cackymn_lj at halloween_tibbs and gibbs_dinozzo
Rating: teen
Spoilers: various through s12
Themes and Warnings: kind of snarky satire, multiple!Tony, shameless catharsis, surrealism. That about covers it, I think.
Shout outs: joss80 because I promised you a parody, tonysmel because I feel your pain, josgotglock because you teach me to look on the bright side. :)

Summary: Halloween is WAY out of control for Tony this year. Has an enchanted machine been playing havoc? A bit of a wild ride with a happy ending. I hope there are enough apologies in the world for this!

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Happy Birthday to Jacie!
Happy birthday, dear solariana!
You do so much for us. Pleasure to know you!
Ps. Tibbs forever. ;-P

Fic: Gibbs/DiNozzo - What the Team Saw, New Update...
Chapter Eight: Gibbs v. Fornell / Gibbs + Tony

Tobias bites off more than he can chew, Tony and Gibbs have toe-curling sex, first times are remembered!
Humor, Confrontation, Comfort, Flashbacks, Sex. :)
Enjoy, and thank you!



Birthday Games: Smutty Tibbs Romp for NCISVU
Happy Birthday to ncisvu_lj! Enjoy!

Title: Birthday Games
Author: cackymn_lj
Fandom, Pairing: NCIS, Gibbs/Tony
Warning: See Rating
Length: (No, not that kind) ficlet
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah
Blame: a pic-spam thing on twitter with katupnorth and a co-conspirator.
Summary: No freakin way. Read it. ;-)

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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the fabulous bloodyfandom, a wonderful author! I hope you had a great day!

AU Gibbs/DiNozzo: The Chosen
Title: The Chosen
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Category: AU, angst, slash
Words: 350
Disclaimer: Yes
Challenge: ncis_drabble Challenge#116 Identity
Note: This is chapter four of Flame. The segments jump around chronologically.
Link to previous: http://cackymn-lj.livejournal.com/10596.html

Summary: "Songs of unearthly beauty filled the city."

The Chosen

Like everyone else they had walked the perimeters of the landing area, curious about the light and noise. They would always go home hand-in-hand, but there came a day when Anthony peeled away from his side and strode forward, parting the crowd without fanfare.

When Anthony stood before the ship, the stertorous bleeps and clangs became first music, then song. The glaring white and yellow light went blue and amber, dotted with flashes of green and gold. Wind blew from unseen openings and light moved. It tore around the ship in mighty gusts, it bathed Anthony's face and swirled his hair.

He spread his feet, raised his arms, and disappeared.

Songs of unearthly beauty filled the city, and dread was replaced by delirium in every house. Anthony had succeeded where governments and gurus had failed. Succeeded at what, no one knew, but hearts thrilled to the tones that surely meant friendship, and peace. 

Only Jethro was gripped by betrayal and rage. The music surrounded everything and was the stuff of nightmare, steeped in the horror of shocking and inappropriate context, clad in chilling familiarity because Anthony had been noodling the same notes for over a month and a half.

There was no denying Anthony's music was beautiful, and he'd thought it was for him, because of him. They had both thought so, and there had been no troubling ecstasies or fugues, no messages or alien dreams. 

They'd enjoyed the music together, seen it as proof of the health and vitality of their relationship, a joy after three years of being together.

A whole day Anthony was gone, and he returned alive and hungry as if lit from within. He topped Jethro hard and slow, his love staying the anger and quelling Jethro's fear for him, if only for a time. They shared hot wet kisses for a long while after they finished, and they laughed because Anthony had indulged in a young man's power, pleasing them both immensely.

Anthony fell asleep humming softly, and it was in the dark of night that Jethro let slip the words that tore and numbed his heart.

"Who are you, Anthony?"

AU Gibbs/DiNozzo: The Parting
Title: The Parting
Author: cackymn_lj
Fandom: NCIS
Category: AU, slash
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Words: 550
Rating: No worries
Warning: ANGST
Disclaimer: Sure
Challenge: ncis_drabble Challenge #424: Smoke

Summary: "Nothing in their long and passionate goodbye could make it one bit worse or one bit better."

More Drabble FIC, following Flame and The Meeting. Links:

1) Flame: http://cackymn-lj.livejournal.com/10015.html

2) The Meeting: http://cackymn-lj.livejournal.com/10315.html

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AU Gibbs/DiNozzo: The Meeting
Title: The Meeting
Author: cackymn_lj
Fandom: NCIS
Category: AU, slash
Characters: Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo
Challenge: ncis_drabble Challenge #119: Beginnings
Rating: Adult
Words: 500
Disclaimer: don't get me started
Shout-outs: laiajambalaya and k9lasko

This follows my last drabble-length fic, Flame. I'm trying to write something backwards. I think. Link to Flame:

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AU Gibbs/DiNozzo: Drabble Challenge #423 - Flame
Title: Flame
Author: cackymn_lj
Characters: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo (slash)
Rating: G
Challenge: ncis_drabble Challenge 423 Flame
Words: 300
Disclaimer: Disclaimed
Note: AU, Angst
Summary: A response to a lovely dark prompt by laiajambalaya in tibbs_bunnies on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015. Prompt in quotes, story below.

"The city burned, fire lighting up the night sky. It would have been beautiful if shared. With Anthony, who loved the light.
The hooded figure nodded, then turned and slid away, like the shadow he now was."

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Happy Birthday Anne!
Happy belated birthday, selenic76. I am so sorry I missed it. Hope it was a good one! :-)


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